my tuesday plans

The hubby and I have gotten in the habit of writing out our goals – well, it actually comes in waves. Needless to say, we’re back on the goal kick! In fact, I might make a ‘goal’ page just to stay utterly committed to reaching my goals – the big and the small! Like today, my goals aren’t huge, but they need to be done. Here they are:

  • Mail income tax
  • Call the learning centre that I took my chem courses through to get transcripts sent to my university ASAP!!
  • Get groceries – especially the things needed for baking and making dinner for today/tonight
  • Workout/run
  • Get water – I love this water
  • Go to the health food store to get coconut milk
  • Finish making a wheatberry salad…cooked them up yesterday
  • Maybe look for a dress for Friday’s festivities (aka girl’s night downtown)!!!
  • Go to the Bulk Barn – will hold off til later since I know the sis wants to go with me!

You ever get really attached to a product? Taste? Smell? Touch? Etc?! Well here’s the new segment I’ll be featuring on my blog…

I’m loving it!

This + toast = awesomeeeeeee {insert Barney from How I Met Your Mother saying it}

‘I’m loving it!’ will be all about me telling you about the things I’m loving right now! FYI…peanut butter I’m loving all the time…just this one in particular at the moment.

Hope you have an awesome Tuesday!


3 Comments on “my tuesday plans”

  1. Jenny says:

    Great goals, I never write any lol I probably should start! I’ve never tried that pb from pb&c, I’m too addicted to their cinnamon raisin swirl 🙂

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