how to spend your free time

Even though I just came out of a 10 day on work cycle, I don’t actually consider it a 10 day work cycle. I mean, three of those days were spent sitting in a classroom learning about WHMIS. It was probably the most painstaking information about WHIMIS ever. So yes, sitting in a classroom for eight hours times three days hardly counts towards an overly exhausted Char. The reason I am so tired is because seven of those 10 days, I had to be up before 5am; it eventually caught up with me.

So here it is…what I do to relax/do nothing on a day off.

{Note: it’s a holiday in Canada so even though I would like to go and get some errands done…nothing is open!}

Today started with sleeping in. This was foreign to me, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. After I overstayed my welcome in bed, I got up and headed downstairs for some much needed:

Tea!! It’s from David’s Tea and I was drinking Happy Kombucha. And how can you not love the Eeyore mug? Also from the kitchen:

A fruit medley! Yes…it can still be a medley with only two kinds of fruit.

I also enjoy this little guy’s company/cuddling when I’m not working:

And lounging in lulu’s:

Alright, so I lounge in them everyday. Give me a break!

A day off is also spent soaking wheat berries to try a new recipe with them and cooking with them for the first time ever.


And more eating…

You can’t really mess up a relaxing day! I plan to do some sort of exercise today, but the lounging part is just going too well right now.

Big news: I have a brand spankin’ new blog idea that I will be sharing on Wednesday!!

Why Wednesday? Because it works with the ‘W’ and ya, that’s basically my only reason. But I promise that it’s cool and it actually involves others to join in!

Hope everyone else is having a relaxing Monday and enjoying the warmer weather if you’re experiencing it! And for all my fellow Canadians…happy Victoria Day!

Question: What do you do on your days off?


9 Comments on “how to spend your free time”

  1. Yum.. strawberries and watermelon. Two fruits I am totally lovin right now!

  2. Random days off are the best – they feel more indulgent than a weekend because it’s like playing hookie!

  3. Jenny says:

    Sleeping in bed is foreign to me too lol I can’t stay in bed past 9! 😦

  4. I love davids tea and I love your eeyore mug! What are your favs from davids?

    • char says:

      To be honest…I’ve only tried happy kombucha so far and one other at a friends that I can’t remember. I used to go to Teaopia a lot, but really love David’s. Any suggestions? I totally need to order more!

  5. Katie says:

    I live in my lulus too! Love my winder unders!!

    Glad you had a great day off!!

    Tour cat is too cute!

    Can’t wait to hear about the new blog idea!!

  6. Katie says:

    Wunder unders! Typo!

    • char says:

      Wunder under (crops) are exactly what I’m wearing in the pic!!! I honestly never wore tight fitting pants in general until I wore them…they changed me for the better HA!

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