life is what you make it

I don’t wanna get all philosophical on you all, but life is what you make it.

Like, waking up at 6am on a Sunday to go to work. Not ideal, but sometimes you gotta do it! Waking up today I had the choice, to either hate my life for being up that early on a Sunday or suck it up, put a smile on and do my job regardless of the day – I chose the latter.

The reason I made the most of it was not because I stayed up a little later than I had planned the night before, yet didn’t feel that tired upon waking. Not because I enjoy my job regardless of the day or time I work. And finally, not because the hubby was also up at the same time to go to work as well; yet those are all good reasons to not mind going to work.

I chose to enjoy the day and smile because I was motivated.

On a good day I can make it to work in 35mins, but on a bad normal day, it’s just over 40mins. In those 35-40mins x 2 for the ‘there’ and ‘back’ trip, I finally got to a point where I’m tired of listening to the same repeated songs on the radio – this had been going on for a few weeks now.

Yesterday while driving to work listening to the same overplayed songs on the radio, I looked in the middle compartment of my jeep, where I noticed my ipod. I decided to turn said ipod on to see if it was dead (which is normally why it’s stored away), but this time it was fully charged. Instead of listening to old un-updated songs on the ipod, I turned on an audio motivational segment by Brian Tracy on self-discipline. If you’ve never listened to him, go do it…NOW!

That audio was an hour, which was perfect; listened to half on the way to work and half on the way home. One thing stood out specifically to me today at work…

He talks about going to work, to work – simple, right? I don’t think so. Most of us go to work but don’t fully work…I decided to not be that person today. I worked, and worked, and worked. I had no regrets for working hard, and I actually felt good about going and doing just that.

Which brings me back to life is what you make it. I made it fun. To continue with the fun, I showed my hubby, mom and sister some funny youtube videos that my friend showed me last night. I thought I’d continue the fun and post it on here! They’re super cute and I hope you enjoy.

Happy Motivating Sunday!

Ps- Is it weird that all 3 videos happen to involve animals. Why do they make the cutest vids?!

Side note: Tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m freaking out!


One Comment on “life is what you make it”

  1. You have a great perspective! Life is so much more enjoyable and fulfilling when you look on the bright and positive side of things.
    Happy Belated Birthday!!! Don’t freak out ~ your 20s and 30s (well up until 33 anyways which is where I currently am) rock ~ life just keeps getting more fabulous!

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