the tale of the underused yoga mat

It was never my intention to let a good yoga mat go to waste. But luckily it’s suppose to last a lifetime, so we still have some time to change that.

Also, never did I plan to let it sit in a corner surrounded by other exercise equipment that gets used frequently. I’m sorry dear yoga mat, but the weights were there first.

It’s not because you’re perfectly purple, like I like. Or that you don’t don’t provide the best slip grip ever. Or that you aren’t long and proud and ready for my every yoga pose. No – you do all those things perfectly. Especially the being purple part.

I do see where you might be confused. I get that you may be angry and may even not want me on you, but I’m sorry, things have to change. You’re underused and it’s all my fault!

Maybe my trouble lies in the fact that your underusement (that’s right, I just invented a word) has caused you to keep your new smell, which in my books, isn’t that nice.

I don’t mean to put the blame on you, but the smell is really overpowering sometimes! I get that your intentions are right and I will quickly get over your smell. You were manufactured that way, so I accept you for you.

Apart from the smell, you’re actually pretty dandy. Which is why I thought it might be nice to give you some use tonight.

I rolled you out, like any good yoga mat – I bet you were happy about that. Being in that tightly wound position for quite sometime must be pretty exhausting!

I read Brittany’s posts the other day where she did an ab workout from Tone It Up, and I decided to do that same one tonight. This gave me a reason to use the yoga mat and work my abs that needed some TLC (aka: pain and burning sensation). It went well.

Let’s just say the mat and I are happy.

This concludes the tale of the underused yoga mat. If you’ve learned anything from today’s post, it’s: never leave a good yoga mat neglected for as long as I have. It deserves the attention and you deserve the workout.

Question: Is there any workout equipment you neglect or just choose not to use?


3 Comments on “the tale of the underused yoga mat”

  1. Hahah. This post is so funny. I am sure your yoga mat appreciates your explanation of the lack of use.. no more confusion 😉
    I have been neglecting my jump rope lately..even though it is one of my favorite things.
    It is currently underneath my kitchen table.
    Because thats a normal spot to store a jump rope..right?!

    (At least it is getting to eat some crumbs from dinner…)

  2. Hehe my yoga mat gets used to abs and JM’s 30 day shred workouts. It’s only been to a yoga class once.

    My mom bought a NordicTrack when I was maybe 5 years old and I don’t think it’s ever been used. It now collects papers in her office. Underused doesn’t begin to describe it.

  3. Tiff says:

    Nice post. 🙂 I think my foam mat is underused. Big mats need love too. ❤

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