i’m happy

You know the thing I love about veggies (besides them being awesome), is the amount of colours you have to work with.

I’m no veggie expert, but I would have to say my stomach is pretty happy when I include a fantastic array of colours :).

But, my favourite part about colourful veggies, is when they’re all cooked and ready to be eaten.

curried stuffed peppers

I’m also happy for a successful dinner last night. Especially after I boycotted it for having the wrong ingredients the night before that.

linguine with red lentil sauce

My stomach is also happy with Saturday morning sisterly cupcake making.

And so is the hubby’s…

What also makes me happy is making your own cupcakes and icing.

What makes me even happier is figuring out how to create your own make-shift piping bag.

That’s right – wax paper, heavy duty tape and an extra set of hands.

I’m also pretty happy when the cupcakes turn out nice and pretty.

And then ruining their nice and prettiness by consuming inhaling them.

But, saving the pretty(er) ones for later.

I’m also pretty happy when I can squeeze a run in.

Overall, I’d have to say I’m happy for many things that have happened today, despite it being rainy and muggy since the moment I woke up this morning.

Let’s just say, the day is what you make it. I made mine happy.

What are you happy for? 🙂


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