ask and you shall receive

Last night was a good night. Despite my hubby leaving for work at 7:30am and not getting home until 11:30pm (I kid you not), it was a good day. I had some lovely surprises – one from the hubby and one from the sister.

You’re probably wondering, what would make for a wonderful surprise?

Well, I kinda love food, so one had to do with that (cue the sister) and the other was sports related (cue the hubby).

You see, my sister has this friend whose mom is a great foodie, let’s call her Bridgitte. I mean, flies-to-Ecuador-to-check-quality-of-cacao-beans-for-her-homemade-chocolate foodie…and that’s exactly what she does; she makes her own raw chocolate and grows sprouts to sell at local health stores and farmer’s markets and that is her business. So naturally 1) I’m happy my sister is friend’s with the girl whose mom does all this and 2) connections (I hope).

I love her raw mint chocolate. It’s heaven. So my sister had a volleyball game yesterday and casually mentioned to Bridgitte (since her daughter plays on the team with my sister) how I love her chocolate and how I wanted to buy some sprouts off of her (because they are heaven, too). So, my sis plays volleyball, and I guess in the mean time, Bridgitte had gone home, and came back with this:

mint mania!

How could I not be ecstatic?! It’s a bag of raw mint chocolate (sorry, again, about the crap quality of picture – husband needed the camera again today). Now, you may think wow that’s really nice of her to give you a full bag of chocolate…there’s more!

She gave me two full bags of chocolate + one of her sealed and ready to sell versions (which I’m hiding from the hubby since he ate a lot of the one I had last time, but if he reads this, then I’m screwed!):

raw goodness

If you want to learn more about her great products, check out her website.

I know you don’t normally pair ‘morals’ and ‘surprises’ together, but here folks, we do things differently. Moral of this surprise: ask and you shall receive. My little sis, asked Bridgitte if I could buy some sprouts off of her, and I got a ton of amazing chocolate in return (thank you little sis!)…because let’s be honest, chocolate trumps sprouts any day!

Now onto the sports section. Remember how the hubby and I went to the baseball game last weekend…well this is a lead into the next surprise I encountered last night.

After not seeing the hubby for what felt like 3 days, he finally called me last night on his way home from work (which was at about 10:45 pm), when I was snug in bed, with sugarplums dancing around in my head. The conversation went a little something like this:

Hubby: Hey babe, I have some good news.

Me: What? That you don’t have to go into work as early tomorrow morning.

H: Ha! I wish. One of the member’s gave me tickets to the Raptors game on Sunday.

M: Yippeee!

Ok, so I didn’t really say yippee, but I definitely was happy that we got another pair of free sporting tickets!! The Raptors take on the Nets on Sunday, and I will be there, with my hubby, having a grand ol’ time!

Aren’t surprises fun?? 🙂

What’s the last surprise you encountered?


3 Comments on “ask and you shall receive”

  1. What a fun surprise! I love surprises too. I haven’t gotten any lately, but I’m crossing my fingers that one day I’ll come home to find a vitamix in the kitchen!

  2. Presley says:

    That’s great!!! There is nothing better than a good surprise… especially when the surprise is free 🙂

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